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Oral Health Advocacy Toolkit 

American Academy of Pediatrics outlines viable focus areas in oral health with multiple helpful links and webinars.

Why Dental Coverage Matters

Children's Dental Health Project provides key messages about dental coverage, oral health implications, healthcare reform and more.

State Legislators: Who They Are and How to Work with Them: A Guide for Oral Health Professionals

National Conference of State Legislators Guide to help oral health professionals and directors understand how state legislatures work, gather information and develop policies related to oral health and more.

Oral Health Multimedia Toolkit

DentaQuest Foundation provides framing strategies to dislodge unproductive patterns of thinking and spark new, more productive ways to engage the public.


Power of Grassroots Organizing

Community Catalyst guides consumer health advocates on how to build a strong grassroots base and enhance your ability to change policies.


Hosting a Successful Congressional Visit

The National Rural Health Association provides referencing for the August 2018 Recess, but the information is useful at any time of year to invite Senators and/or their Representatives/Staff to visit. 


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