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Expanding The Oral Health Private Provider HUSKY Network: An Assessment of Results of Increased Reimbursement Rates and Provider Participation in Connecticut report is based on a study conducted in 2023-2024 that investigated the effects of the recent (2022) private provider fee-for-service Medicaid reimbursement rate for adult dental services for the first time in fourteen years.

The study utilized an online anonymous survey of private dentists licensed in Connecticut to solicit feedback on their participation and perception of being in the HUSKY network. The survey included questions with structured yes-no responses and opportunities for open-ended responses. Analysis of both types of data resulted in important conclusions and policy recommendations.

Overall, the rate increase only had a limited impact on increasing provider participation due to the increase not being significant enough and the other deterrents to entering or remaining in the network. Policy recommendations were offered by providers to improve participation.  

The Connecticut Oral Health Initiative (COHI) would like to thank the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health for funding this project, our Board of Directors for their support, and the staff and volunteers who contributed. We would also like to thank the community partners and oral health providers who assisted with creating this report.

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