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Examining HUSKY'S Coverage of Oral Health Preventative Services for Adults in 2023 - Connecticut's Medicaid system only covers one annual cleaning a calendar year except for adults with chronic medical conditions that warrant a dental examination more than once a year. Most private insurance covers and it is recommended by many oral health professionals to have two annual check-ups and cleaning in a year.  Tyler James, former COHI intern, and current student at the UConn School of Dental Medicine examined the issue. (5/2023)

Dental Services for Children and Parents in the HUSKY Program in 2013: Utilization Is Improved Over 2008 but Unchanged from 2012 - CT Voices for Children


Every Smiles Counts 2017 - Connecticut Department of Public Health. 2017. Every Smile Counts, The Oral Health of Connecticut's Children 2017, Hartford, Connecticut.

Health People Performance Dashboard - The plan is carried out by the Connecticut State Health Improvement Coalition and seven action teams.

The Oral Health of Vulnerable Adults 2013 - Connecticut Department of Public Health. 2013. The Oral Health of Vulnerable Adults in Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut.

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