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Endorse Dental Therapy - Individuals

Sign COHI's Petition to Endorse Dental Therapy in Connecticut!

Thanks for Endorsing Dental Therapy!

Your Endorsement Means:

  • You believe the dental therapy profession needs to be established in Connecticut to provide additional proven and effective options for improving access to oral health care in public health settings serving numerous currently underserved communities.

  • You believe Connecticut law may need changes consistent with national accreditation standards and best practices from around the country to ensure educational programs are affordable and accessible. 

  • You agree that the dental therapy profession is an equity-driven model to help historically marginalized communities have better access to oral health and the movement should remain dedicated to that mission.

  • You believe that everyone should have equal access to affordable and quality oral health care.

  • You will help promote and support this movement through your professional, personal, and communication networks when possible.


Learn more about Dental Therapy Here

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