Previous Alerts and Newsletters


September 7

Updates on State and Federal level policies, preventive services, and new events

August 21

Protecting Medicaid and Social Services on State level, CHS Mission of Mercy, and Oral Health America-A day of Advocacy on the Hill

June 26

Special Session on the State Budget. Contact U.S. Senators. State Oral Health Conference. 

June 19

Go Health Equity. Healthcare Providers Address Impact of Proposed Medicaid Cuts. State Oral Health Conference. Upcoming Webinars: Health People 2030, Medicaid-Public Health Partnership to Improve Health and Control Cuts. Golf Success

June 14

Go Health Equity. Golf. State Oral Health Conference. Healthy People 2030 Webinar. Medicaid-Public Health Partnership to Improve Health and Control Cuts. Preventing Dental Caries and Obesity.

June 6

CT Legislative Session. Dr. Keri Discepolo Announced as Newest Board Member. Golf. State Oral Health Conference. HHS' ACL and OWH Oral Health Websit. Connecting Health Care to Oral Health Care. Geographic Access to Dental Care. Healthy People 2030 Webinar. Medicaid Cuts Press Event Coverage.

May 30

Golf. Medicaid Press Conference. CT Legislative Session. CAHS Petition. Reject AHCA. Maximizing Access: Connecting Health Care and Oral Health Care - A Healthy People 2020 Webinar. State Oral Health Conference "Across the Ages".

May 23

Golf. CT Legislative Session. Reject AHCA.

May 8

Call Your Legislators. Save Healthcare. Golf. CDHP School-Based Dental Sealant Recommendations. ASTDD Report on Best Practices. ASTDD Medicaid Oral Health Coverage for Older Adults. OH2020 National Survey of Parents

April 24

Save HUSKY Dental. Legislative Social. Contact your Legislators about Oral Health . Hearing on Eliminating the Nonprofit Tax Exemption. Perinatal/Infant Oral Health Interprofessional Summit. Golf. School Based Health Center Conference May 2017. CTMOM Says Thank You. CE - Oral Health for People with Disabilities.

April 13

Speak Out on How Medicaid Helps You. Legislative Social. Contact your Legislator. Perinatal/Infant Oral Health Interprofessional Summit. Golf. School Based Health Center Conference May 2017.

April 6

Sign on to Keep Tobaccos Cessation Funding Today. Testify Tuesday:Sugary Drink Tax to Lower Tooth Decay . Free Webinar: Oropharyngeal Cancers and HPV. Support National Public Health Week! Webinar:Patient Engagement to Deliver Better Health. Golf.

March 28

Dental Insurance for Young Adults. Why Dentistry is Separate from Medicine. Proposed HUKSY Cuts Have Devatstaing Impact. Golf.

March 21

Defend Medicaid. How Else Can I Help? Roundtable Seeks Champions. Golf.

March 15

Medicaid Defense. Medicaid Speak-Out Events. OH Day Recap. HPV Webinar. Golf.

February 28

Take Action on Upcoming Legislation. Where COHI Stands on Legislation. Oral Health Day at LOB. ED on WICC Radio. AAP Hosts CWF Webinar. Grant Opportunity. CTMOM Volunteers. Golf Classic.

Public Hearing Scheduled for February 7

Public Hearings for Proposed H.B. 5971 and 6175, as well as 5384.

January 31

Annual Advocacy Conference. Every Smile Counts Survey. Oral Health Listening Sessions. Legislative Bills Tracked. CTMOM 2017 Volunteer Registration.

Advocacy Conference

Informational Newsletter about 5th Annual Advocacy Conference on February 15

January 13

ACA Healthcare Rally. Advocacy Agenda and Updates. DPH Releases Water Fluoridation Video. UCONN Studies Dental Phobias. New Zealand Stands Against Sugar. UCONN Dental Presented with Golisano Award


December 9

Advocacy Agenda. December Issue of Magazine Focueses on Oral Health. Federal Medicaid Cuts Hurt CT. 

November 29

Annual Meeting Announcement. Giving Tuesday. Pennsylvania Water Fluoridation. HHS Advisory Committee. Dental Visits Prevent Pneumonia. 

November 15

Annual Meeting Announcement. Oral Health Disparities Webinar. National Rural Health Day. State Dental Job Posting. CHIP Information Updated.

October 20

Annual Meeting Announcement. Continuing Education Course Review. October is National Dental Hygiene Month. New England Rural Health Conference. NAMI Basics Class. FDA Warns Against Teething Products. Esther Wilkins Turns 100. New App Estimates Dental/Medical Costs in CT.

October 1

Continuing Education Course. Community Health Workers Training. UCONN Dental Students Hold Fundraiser. 

September 15

Continuing Education Course. School-Based Sealants Cost Effective. OHA Celebrates Grandparents. CT Pain Society Annual Meeting. Free Webinar: Pregnancy & Oral Health in the ACA Era.

August 29

Continuing Education Course. New CDC Initiatives. Section 1557 of ACA. Farmington Dry Mouth Cure. IRS Rule Would Aid Child Dental. Loan Repayment for Dental Students. 

August 15

Continuing Education Course. New State Dental Director. Addiction Treatment. CT Health Foundation Collaboration Article. 

August 1

Changes to Children's Dental Medicaid. COHI Continuing Education. New Posters for CDH. Mouth/Body Connection. Hispanic Dental Scholarships. NIH Grant to Include Dentists. nccPA Health Foundation Grant Opportunities. New England Rural Health RoundTable. 

June 23

Send Letters to DSS to Stop HUSKY Cuts.  COHI Golf Classic Review. Collaboration is Key for CT's CWF. CTMOM needs volunteers. New Nutritional Labels Will Have Huge Impact. HHS Awards $156 Million for Oral Health. New Bill Pushes for Veteran's Dental Care. Probiotic Pill to Reduce Caries? Vermont Dental Care Bill Signed into Law.

June 6

America's Silent Epidemic. CSDA Charter Oak Review. Are Candidates Ignoring Health? CT Paves Way for Oral Health Integration. National Rural Health Initiative. Dentist Honored.

May 9

State of Decay Report. National Women's Health Week. "Framework for Advancing Oral Health Equity" Webinar. Malloy Signs CWF. OAA Reauthorization. OHA Education.

April 29

Groups Rally Against HUSKY Cuts. HB 5350 Becomes Law. Health Equity and Cultural Competence. National Minority Health month. 

Legislative Alert - April 14

Updates on CWF, Cultural Competency, and Medicaid/HUSKY

Community Water Fluoridation Alert - April 12

Community Water Fluoridation Bill passed House and moves to Senate. Minor information for Cultural Competency. 

April 4

Primer for Cultural Competency. NCCPA video promoting oral health. Creating the Business Case for Achieving Health Equity article. WSJ article on CT Medicaid. Older Americans Act Reauthorization Act of 2015.

2016 Charity Golf Classic

Sent to dental professionals across the state.

March 15

Water Fluoridation Bill goes to GA. Cultural Competency. Oral Health Day Review. Free Webinar on Cultural Competency

March 1

Support for HB 5459 and SB 282. Pew Charitable Trust. CDH Webinar.

Community Water Fluoridation Alert

A special alert about House Bill 5350, An Act Concerning The Department Of Public Health's Recommendations On Fluoridation Of The Public Water Supply.

February 16

Tracking State Budget. Advertising CT Nonprofit Week and Oral Health Day. UCONN Dental Award.

February 1

Advocacy Conference Successful. Launches. Healthy CT 2020. Wisconsin Starts Dental Initiative.

January 19

Advertising for Advocacy Conference. MLK Peabody Review. OHRC Receives Grant. SIM Model.

January 6

Advertising for Advocacy Conference. Advertising Presence at Peabody for MLK Day. Surgeon General and Fluoride. Heart Disease/Cancer and Oral Health. Nevada's New Law on Dental Insurance.

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